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Rage Against the Machine put free mp3s on their official site. They rock. I'd like to know why there's a thunderstorm going on outside. It's December. It's almost sixty degrees out too.
See, why can't it be this way when I'm in school when I eat lunch outside? Nice and semi-warm out. Well, me and the people I eat lunch with migrated to a fairly empty hallway on the inside. Apparently we're forbidden to eat there, but fuck them. If there weren't so many damn people in the cafeterias we wouldn't have to eat in the hallways and hear about the principal bitching about the mess we leave. Sometimes people don't think.

Aww, GD turns 23 today. :) Happy birthday, you fucking freak.

I'm home alone while my parents are out X-Mas shopping. Yay.
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Why, thank you. :)