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"That's a knife! You can't use that!"

Yeah. Yup. Uh huh.
Went to the mall with Steve and Jess and Steve's friend (he's annoying!). Saw these sheep pajama bottoms that I *really* want. I'dda bought them, but I didn't have enough. Just got some bras (Jess owns my left cup "JESSICA'S CUP!"). Yeahhh. Steve lent me some Pantera cds. Yayy.
I'd like to see them when they come around here in'll be close to my birthday (after it, actually), so I can ask my parents for tickets for my birthday, heheh.

I tried to hand-feed a seagull today. He kept contemplating coming over, but he either got scared away, or just stood there and stared. For Monday, longer french fries. They like them. I named all the seagulls Liam.

I gots a paaaarrrrrrty tomorrow!
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