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Icicle Lights ("POTATOED LIGHTS!"-Miss Finn)

I want to put up my Christmas lights. I want Christmas lights for my room. Blue and purple Icicle lights. I love icicle lights, they're so pretty. I had icicle lights out for Halloween. Orange and Purple ones. I think I'll snag the purple ones for my room. Oh yeah. Then buy myself some blue ones. I saw rainbow icicle lights, but they were ugly.

I put up my Type O Negative flag by my door, it makes my room look a bit bigger, somehow. That wall at least. I want that Led Zeppelin one I saw @ Tapeville too. Hell, I *want* Tapeville. I've been going to that store since I was like...11. I love it there.

Oh shit, I just remembered I'm having some people over next week...I don't think I told half the people that I want to come. Heh.

Why do people like Insane Clown Posse? I just don't understand? I tried to listen to their just didn't click. Well, I do like that one song, where the guy goes something like "I'd strangle you with my dreads but I shaved them off" or something. Yeah.

Ha HA! House all to myself until...whenever. Yeah. So I'm just going to sit here in front of the computer. Woo. I've been playing that Snake game on Kiwibox for too long. Go to You can get free stuff (and if you sign up, on the box that says "who told you about this site?" type in "goatmeal", please?)

I get custody of Mister_Pip today. Big blue penguin. He's cool. My dad named the garbage can Big Blue. It's a big blue monstrosity on wheels that the garbage company gave us. It has wheels and handles. Ooh.

I wanna go bowling tonight.
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