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"Merry Christmas, guys..."

Went back to the Commons yesterday for some applications. I got two (some entertainment store and a book store). At 4:30 I met up w/Steve and we went to his car to go drive by Jess's store.
Heh heh. We were sitting in the car, and there's a guy in the car next to us. Steve turns to me and is like "Uhh, Lacey, that guys smoking a bong." I look, and he is. We were looking over, and the guy opens his window and asks if his car was to close to ours, we said no, and Steve says something like "You got the munchies now, right?" (we saw him eating candy) and shut the windows again. Then Steve says "It'd be pretty funny if I called 911 on my cell phone and said that there was a guy smoking marijuana in the car next to ours." We start to pull out of the parking spot, and the stoner guy opens his window again, and gives us a bag of Starburst (hard candies, that guy is *cool* now, lol), and says "Merry Christmas, man!"
Now we just can't report a guy that gives us a bag of candy, right? Right. So we didn't. But I checked the bag to see if he dropped a dimebag in there as a gift or something (he didn't). It was rather interesting.
Later on we went to D's. Sat around for a few hours having coffee (Watch me get an ulcer soon, I've been drinking so much coffee lately).
And they're *not* getting sick of me! woo.

Started reading "Exquisite Corpse" by Poppy Z. Brite. Not bad so far.
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